Capetown Airport / lost & found

missingx_blau_negLOST & FOUND

Lost Items are kept for a limited time period according to local laws.

During this time period passengers who lost items can search online for it, contact us via phone or visit our lost property office. Found items can be either sent or picked up by the owner, after paying an administration fee.
The A-Teck system

  • reduces personnel
  • reduces cost
  • offers an effective search tool which can be accessed via internet
  • minimizes misuse
  • increases passenger satisfaction
  • safes passengers time
  • increases repatriation rates

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Some advantages of WRAP-TECK

  • The risk of theft during the journey is reduced.
  • Protection against scratching as well as the weather.
  • The risk of your luggage being used for smuggling is reduced – no unintentional opening
  • Protection for your bags and suitcases during the whole journey – no liquid can enter the baggage

Opening Hours des Services

Open: 6am-10pm
Call us: xxx
Location: Terminal xxx

Technical data / specifications

Maximum size of the bag: 80*60*40 cm


Price: EURO 8 /bag


Green plus:

  • The stretch film is 100% recycable
  • The producer is an ISO 9001:2008 certified enterprise.
  • The stretch film we are generally using is coloured in blue, but still transparent so that the wrapped item is still visible.