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Welcome to A-Teck South Africa at Or Tambo Airport

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One of our core strengths is our ability to manage a smooth wrapping service operation taking all relevant aspects into consideration. Understanding passenger flows and develop operational plans accordingly is our focal business.

Our operational goal is to ensure that every passenger is able to access our wrapping stations as easy and convenient as possible and that they meet our staff assisting them with a smile. With our many years of experience we have put systems in place to monitor all aspects of our operation, including usage, equipment status, customer service and of course, money handling. The service related to the protection and security of baggage is one that is increasingly appreciated and important, reducing the fear of theft, or of damage.
This semi-automatic machine with rotating table is custom- made for wrapping baggage, suitcases and boxes with stretching film and can be moved within the airport facility easily due to its wheel-system. The machine wraps the baggage with three cycles:

  • only one way
  • airtight wrapping
  • demo cycle.

Our decennial experience in the production of the baggage wrapping machines allows us to develop several types for any price and need.

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Some advantages of WRAP-TECK

  • The risk of theft during the journey is reduced.
  • Protection against scratching as well as the weather.
  • The risk of your luggage being used for smuggling is reduced – no unintentional opening
  • Protection for your bags and suitcases during the whole journey – no liquid can enter the baggage

Opening Hours des Services

Open: 6am-10pm
Call us: xxx
Location: Terminal xxx

Technical data / specifications

Maximum size of the bag: 80*60*40 cm


Price: EURO 8 /bag


Green plus:

  • The stretch film is 100% recycable
  • The producer is an ISO 9001:2008 certified enterprise.
  • The stretch film we are generally using is coloured in blue, but still transparent so that the wrapped item is still visible.